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Ronnie Biggs - Nazi involvement in Great Train Robbery

The Odessa Network



When a group of men wearing plastic prosthetic masks burst into a Securitas Depot Centre in Kent in 2006 and managed to escape with a reputed £53m, the Establishment - police, press and Parliament - all vowed that they would be caught and stuck behind bars for a long, long time.

When the famous Brazilian resident Ronnie Biggs (of the the Great Train Robbery) finally returned to the UK a sick and depleted shadow of his former self a few years ago, the British Home Office incarcerated him - to die - in the hospital wing of their bleak Belmarsh prison.

Although rumours persist that this was to prevent any public discussion of the involvement of the Nazi post-war 'Odessa' network in the actual heist, it is obvious that in Britain, property is worth more than - well, a life.

An integral element in capitalism is that private property is sacrosanct.

Not just the property that you have earned; but inherited wealth beyond measure, and profits however vast, will be guarded by the state with extreme measures against the 'envy' of the poor.

It's a strange anonamoly in the system though; that if you can lie and cheat the public, the law, and even your own employees; but wear a nice suit and tie, play golf, host Rotarian dinners and other 'charitable' functions on some of your many days off - I mean networking ; you can walk away with millions, buy a mansion and some fancy cars, and leave every household in the country poorer by over £900 (and counting . . .)

By now everyone over the age of five has heard of the sub-prime crisis, the latest trick in the lexicons of the snake-oil salesmen who run the world's financial markets.

It is now apparent that they have been selling worthless scraps of paper to each other and calculating sky-high profits, in a coked-out frenzy to become 'masters of the universe' - or reach a position in their bank or trading house where the pensions are guaranteed when the house of cards collapses.

In the process they hand themselves fat bonuses based on nothing; decrying any politician who suggests that they should pay as much tax as their Polish cleaning lady, as 'detrimental to enrepreneurs'.

What do they mean - 'rich entrepreneurs'?

Aren't we all 'entrepreneurs' in this shallow, financially obsessive society? Don't we all sell our labour to the highest bidder, taking risks in the choices of work?

These puffed up poseurs of the most uncreative, unproductive but greediest section of the human race, have long been given cover by the Corporate Press , and the majority of politicians, who they have either bribed or bamboozled into silence.

The Tories, who always championed the idea of unbridled commerce, were killed by the markets on Black Wednesday; having to sit glumly on the sidelines whilst their thieving accomplices robbed the nation's coffers.

All those big cars, yachts and chateaux of the 1990's super-rich were bought on the proceeds of assett stripping the wealth of whole communities, plundered and swept abroad; leaving millions living in post-industrial wastelands and destroying the power of the organised working class.


They were replaced by the glassy-eyed acolytes of big business and PFI Solutions; their leader Blair hijacking the very party that was set up to protect the poor from the depredations of the rich and powerful; its original aim being some sort of redistribution in a country that has not moved much since feudal times.

Sadly, the New Labor Party has been even more compliant than its predecessor; with both the bankers- who now control society in a way that politicians once did - and with the Establishment - royalist, secretive, extremely undemocratic, and divorced from the people's ever bleaker shadows of reality.

They have even surprised the most reactionary conservatives with their unswerving commitment to the interests of Bush's USA.

Their is no doubt that Britain's place in Europe is always going to be seen as comprimised by being dominated so completely by the American ruling class.

North American market domination distorts British culture and removes any real political choice, by using this island as a proxy airbase, missile silo and (since the Gulf War), a source for mercenary troops who are even more expendable than the (mainly) poor yankee soldiers that the Bush Administration are throwing into the flames.

Aftr 9/11 struck the USA's only cosmopolitan city, Manhattan was moved into London's Docklands; which now looms over the East End poor like a fist with a finger pointing to the sky.

The Wall Street 'traders' bought all the frothy enthusiasm for the scams of their homeland; the word ENRON disappearing behind the clouds kicked up by the endless repeats of the burning towers; the paper-trail vapourised in WT7; the public memory obscured by the smoke and mirrors of the War on Terror.

Ken Lay, the US pResidents best mate and fundraiser, was quickly replaced as Public Enemy No.1 by some bloke with a long beard, who sent blurred videos from a cave (probably situated near Langley, Virginia).

Everyone knew that there was something wrong - nothing was being manafactured in either end of the Anglo-American axis.

All the factories and production lines had been dismantled and moved to the Third World many years before - but the shops were stuffed with ever more plentiful cheap things from China; and some people were becoming millionaires by simply being thick.

And in the background, every Christmas for instance, you could read of the vast 'handouts' , golden handshakes' and profit-sharing bonuses paid to a small bunch of loud and shifty characters wearing suits.

We now live in a society in Britain where the social mobility is the lowest in Western Europe. It is a country where the ruling oligarchy feel so secure that their talentless, ugly children are paraded through the media as an example to the young in how to be vaccuous and greedy to excess - and believe they are 'worth it'.

A country where the Police are so arrogant that officers gleefully parade their contempt for the people by exhibiting their auto-crimes on Facebook; their superiors all under investigation for stealing public funds with their police credit cards, whilst the boot boys receive a rude shock that their pay rise will be below inflation. (Welcome to the REAL WORLD folks! ).

It is perhaps a sign that the time is running out for those overbred aristocrats and bankers who have ruled this cowed nation of urban serfs for the last 400 years.

A society built on greed, mixed with the fear of slipping into the stagnant pool of the underclass as the fuel in the engine of industry, cannot expect to hold together when the gold disappears.

We are reaching the end of that murky rainbow ; and knowing as they do, that the only thing that stops US reaching THEM and effecting some real redistribution of the nation's wealth are the police.

In fact, they ceased to be "bobbies on the beat" a long time ago - they are now a State militia in all but name, armed with various multi-level weapons and given carte blanche to harass, beat or even kill with an almost casual impunity.

Other layers of 'police' have been created or expanded during New Labor's term in office.

They range from the council-funded 'wardens' - sad sacks desperate to get into uniform despite being too short / too thick (that possible?) to join the Boys in Blue; to our own pseudo-FBI, an organisation called SOCA which is perhaps even more politically corrupt and inefficient than its American counterpart.

To top it off, we now have our own Stasi - an ever-expanding MI5; opening 'regional offices' throughout the country and being presented via the BBC (Spooks) as a bunch of clean-cut yuppies just wanting to 'do the right thing' rather than being the final nail in the coffin of democratic pretension in this beleagured island.

The final twist in the tail; a State which is obsessed with spying on its own people and manipulating any expression of dissent, crushing any alternative perspective. Embedding a class structure through ignorance, fear and the encouragement of the 'dime-dropping' society - promoted since the 1920's in the USA.

Now the banks collapse one after another, and people will soon start to realise that the nation's wealth has been sucked out of the country, after being sweated out by the drudgery of millions over generations.

Soon the fetishistic gods of consumerism will be revealed as cheap distractions blinding us to the removal of our liberties and human dignity.

The parasites who have assumed their elevated status is an eternal gift will realise that all good things come to an end - and we can only hope for their sake that it is not on the end of a rope.

As they know too well, it is not the Muslims that they really have to fear - 'State Theatre' is just another good way of keeping the proles with their heads down, accepting any oppression.

What they really fear are the people . . . . US . . . .