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If you were wondering what Tony Blair's legacy consisted of; apart from the PFI scandal which is set to cost the working people of Britain at least £91 - 170 billion; the ongoing illegal war tragedy in Iraq and Afghanistan; and the removal of the British people's hard-fought-for civil liberties; we can now add - the destruction of the compromised and sadly unrepresentative New Labour Party and Brown Government.

Reports first emanating from the Sunday Mail on the 25th November - the paper of choice for suburban Tories - uncovered a number of donations (now known to total over £580,000) to the Labour Party, made under a variety of names/identities by 'David Martin /Abrahams', a ' wealthy property developer '.

Dave Martin / Abrahams

Reports in subsequent papers; and Channel 4 News (27th November) have revealed a number of interesting 'leads', which, if put into context, will demonstrate more than a straightforward corruption case.

We must be aware also, of the old Roman phrase CUIT BUONO 'Who Benefits'.

As the story unrolls, and the Labour Government is (inevitably) replaced by the Old Etonian party of Camerosborne, leaving no mass opposition to the final onset of autocratic Government in Britain, this will be seen as the 'tipping point' from where there was no return.

Tony Blair destroyed the Labour Party in a way that Thatcher had found impossible to do ten years earlier.

As someone who had no connection with the life of working people, he came from nowhere and superceded all the other, worthier contenders, such as Robin Cook, who was as close to a principled socialist as you got in the Labour Party leadership. ( Coincidentally, shortly after resigning as Leader of the House in protest at Blair's Iraq war venture, he had a heart attack on the side of a mountain - unlike John Smith, the previous much-lamented Labour Leader, who had his at a dinner).

Blair's first major act as Labour leader was to abolish Clause 4, the principle of common ownership of the nations wealth (water, raw resources, oil, health, strategic industries, land); and replace it with the glories of Corporatism and private wealth.

Under his tenure the rich got richer, the poor got poorer, and we saw our country's defence put at the service of the US Government in an aggressive and illegal war.

The story below is the latest instalment in a story, of how Britain's organised working-class opposition to Eastablishment oligarchy were finally bought off , fooled and discredited; a century after they first tried to turn the table on their masters.

It involves the Friends of Israel, and no doubt the hidden hand of the Anglo-American intelligence; but more than that, the greedy complacency of those who once claimed to represent the working people, selling the legacy of their forefathers in order to maintain their life in a limo-driven lifestyles whilst lecturing the poor for their indolence.

Points of interest;

  • Labour's funding was taken from the hands of the unions - democratic institutions of working people - and handed over to the cabal of lawyers, PR agents and surrounding Blair. The most infamous of these was Lord Levy, a prominent Friend of Israel and Tony Blair's 'Special Envoy' to the Middle East.
  • Levy was later arrested and questioned by police in the 'Cash for Honours' scandal, whereby the payment of donations to Labour Party funds by prominent businessman would allegedly be repaid with a 'ranking' in Britains archaic and nepotistic 'honour' system.
  • The first scandal to hit the new New Labour Government was the Bernie Ecclestone affair, where concessions to Formula One motor racing regarding laws governing tobacco sponsorship were allegedly repaid with a donation to New Labour.
  • The latest scandal concerns a man known as David Martin aka David Abrahams, described as a property developer in the North-East of England. No-one seems to know how he got so close to the heart of New Labour - to paraphrase Channel 4's Jon Snow (27/11/07)
  • It might well be because his father Bennie was lord mayor of Newcastle in 1981-2. . . . He (David Abraham's father Bernie) built up an empire of rented housing, much of it of a standard which might now be called "sub-prime". After inheriting the property, David Abrahams was accused of illegally evicting a tenant from a flat and faced a crown court trial in 1992. He was engulfed in headlines but cleared of all the charges . . .
  • In 1992, he was dropped by Richmond Labour party in North Yorkshire. He was involved in a series of rows, culminating in claims by a divorcee, Anthea Bailey, that she and her 11-year-old son had been hired as his "family" for the election campaign . . .

BOTH QUOTES ABOVE FROM The Guardian 28th November 2007

  • John Mendelsohn was appointed Gordon Brown's chief fundraiser in the summer. Despite reports now claiming that Mendelsohn was instrumental in having Abrahams thrown out of the Labour Friends of Israel 'about' five years ago after a furious row over Abrahams' behaviour, there now seems to have appeared a 'handwritten letter' written 'last week' in which 'Mr Mandelsohn calls Mr Abrahams "one of the party's strongest supporters" and signs off "warmest regards".' _____________________Quotes from London Lite, 28th November
  • He claims it was reticence, and a desire not to be known publicly as a donor which has led him to use other people to channel his funds through to New Labour.
  • One of the channels for his money, Janet Dunn (thought to be married to one of Mr Abrahams's staff), expressed her surprise and claimed "We've always been Conservatives" when interviewed on Channel 4 News (27th November).
  • However, there are now various photos/ film coming to light of 'Abrahams/ Martin' being given a prominent place at high-profile New Labour events. The most-shown footage so far is 'Abrahams' appearing at Tony Blair's side when the discredited ex-PM announced his resignation at Trimdon Labour Club earlier this year.

  • Blair's election agent, John Burton, happily announced during his interview on Channel 4 News that 'Abrahams/ Martin' had many contacts with the Palestinians, despite being a prominent Friend of Israel (just the same as we were told about Lord Levy).
  • Questions are now being asked about 'Abrahams/ Martin' being initially refused planning permission for an industrial park near Durham , which was later allowed to go ahead (on a Greenfield site) after one of his larger 'secret' donations.
  • In a different case, but with echoes of how corruption quickly spreads to local level:_________________________ m Mr John Burton, of Trimdon, warned the then-deputy leader of Sedgefield Borough Council, Kester Noble, that he would be deselected if he went against a planning vote. Councillors were due to vote on a £20m planning application for 112 homes on land outside Trimdon, less than a mile from Mr Blair's County Durham home in north-east England.The Standards Board for England was brought in and later ruled that Mr Burton had breached the council's code of conduct. _ . . . The case was then referred to the Adjudication Panel for England, which met in Darlington yesterday. The three panel members found that the threats and offensive language used by the 67-year-old councillor brought his office into disrepute and did breach the code of conduct.____. . . The tribunal heard how Mr Burton told his Labour colleague: "I'm putting fucking pressure on you."
  • In March this year, Mr Noble was deselected as Labour candidate for the Old Trimdon and Fishburn ward, but the Ajudication panel ruled that Mr Burton had not been responsible for that. ________________________________Guardian, 10th October 2007
  • It was noted in London freesheet (published by the Daily Mail Group) that the source of the money might be equally uncertain.__________The paper asks;

Is Mr Abrahams himself acting as a frontman for another donor? How could he give £670,000 to Labour in four years, yet have assets of £144,000 listed at Companies House?

  • Baroness Jay (daughter of Britain's first IMF/World Bank Labour PM James Callaghan) is being named as someone who knew the law was being broken by New Labour & 'Abrahams/ Martin'.
  • Her father's Labour Party was iredeemably tainted by its association with Robert Maxwell, its major individual donor, later revealed to have bankrupted the only Labour daily newspaper and stolen the workers' pension fund to finance his 'donations for influence' and extravagant lifestyle._
  • .Maxwell was an MI6 agent who was later granted burial on the Mount of Olives, for services to the State of Israel.
  • Although many British socialists have been Jewish, inside and out of the Labour Party, they were traditionally anti-Zionist; and sceptical of the whole idea of imposing the State of Israel in Palestine. The majority of Jewish socialists were secular Jews, in the tradition of Eastern Europe and the pan-European Socialist Bund. They regarded Zionists as wealthy dilletantes and reactionaries, who were allied with the British right-wing Establishment in wanting to find a home elsewhere for the thousands of poor Jews escaping pogroms in Czarist Russia.
  • On the British news programmes the day the story exploded with revelations of 'gifts' to various ministers; the other lead story was the 'summit' (suspected to be a ploy to isolate Iran and Hamas) that the Bush Administration has muscled together at Annapolis.
  • Remember the silence of the Blair Government during Israel's recent aggressive war against Lebanon, when hundreds of civilians were being killed in air raids?
  • The cameras caught a certain ex-PM called Tony Blair, hovering at the edge of the table. His protege - Mr. Bean-lookalike David Milliband - British Foreign Secretary at the age of, oh 13-and-a-half was excitedly prattling on about his 'colleague' Condaleeza Rice and 'opportunities for peace'.

More to come soon . . .